New 42 and 50-inch HD-ready Plasma TVs


Our newest and most advanced plasma screens will arrive towards the end of Summer - a line up of ‘HD ready' 42 and 50-inch plasma TVs which incorporate a completely new screen and with integrated video processing and TV tuner.

This 7th Generation new line-up includes:
PDP-4270XA'Out-of-the-box' 42-inch plasma TVs: simply unpack, plug-in and play. You have the option of either the PDP-4270XA with an integrated analogue tuner, or the PDP-4270XD with a combined analogue/digital (DVB-T) tuner.

Both plasmas include integrated under-mounted speakers, HDMI input and detachable table-top stand.

A series of 42 and 50-inch models, also with integrated video processing and tuner, but with enhanced connectivity - 2 HDMI inputs and PC input - and advanced picture adjustment features, including picture-in-picture options and further advanced ISF calibration capabilities.

PDP-507XDHere, your options include two 42-inch plasma TVs; the PDP-427XA with integrated analogue tuner or the PDP-427XD with combined analogue/DVB-T tuner.

Two 50-inch plasma TVs are available, including the PDP-507XA with integrated analogue tuner or the PDP-507XD with combined analogue/DVB-T tuner. On the 50-inch models, speakers are optional - the 42 inch models have integrated under-mounted speakers.

Inside our 7th Generation plasma screens:
New panel for improved picture brightness, contrast and sharpness
The PUREBlack 2 Panel has a new Dielectric Layer, which considerably improves light emission efficiency, and an evolved Direct Colour Filter 2, which improves contrast in a bright room environment by reducing reflections - both from the outside of the panel and from the panel itself.

Additionally, the 7G panels now feature an Intelligent DRE (Dynamic Range Expansion) mode which continuously monitors the incoming video and performs real-time analysis of sharpness, contrast and the low light areas in order to optimally adjust the picture.

Improved colour reproduction and versatility
A new Intelligent Colour Mode also continuously analyses the picture using a unique algorithm, and adjusts the setting for natural colour reproduction, whether these are vivid greens or natural skin tones.

An advanced AV Sports Selection mode gives further versatility by automatically optimising high contrast, low black level, green correction tint and fast-moving images; specifically designed for track and field event watching.

Further adjustments to the picture can be made using Colour Zone Mapping. This easily allows users to change between the EBU-defined colour space or, for more vivid and bright colour reproduction, the extended colour gamut defined by the plasma TVs characteristics.

Ready for HDTV, Blu-ray Disc
A new Block Noise Reduction feature effectively detects and minimises all MPEG noise, thereby improving the digital picture quality of especially HDTV broadcasts, where block noise happens most.

All 7G plasmas are fitted with at least one HDMI terminal supporting up to 1080/24p video format, the perfect digital film format that will be available on selected Blu-ray Discs.

Trademark look
Although the 7G screens feature subtle cosmetic enhancements, the new line-up will share what has now become Pioneer's trademark sleek piano black frame with matt aluminium surround.

New accessories
An optional single under-mounted speaker or conventional side-mounted speakers are available for the 50-inch models. All 42-inch models have built-in under-mounted speakers.

Installation options include static and angled wall-mounted brackets, a swivel table-top stand in silver or complemented black finish, fixed table-top stand and two floor stands. Both the PDP-4270XDE and PDP-4270XA included a detachable table top stand.

For exact availability dates, please contact your local Pioneer office or distributor

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