Via chiede scusa pubblicamente.


Dopo gli innumeriveli disagi causati a molti utenti, Via ha finalmente chiarito la questione della release 4.50 dei driver Hyperion, la release in questione conteneva infatti alcune incompatibilità con i driver Ati che portavano al danneggiamento del sistema operativo Windows, di seguito potete trovare la dichiarazione ufficiale di Fiona Gatt portavoce Via:

'The Hyperion 4in1 4.50 drivers were removed from the download page on VIA Arena and from the VIA Arena ftp, due to numerous reports of the drivers causing problems. These drivers were officially tested and certified by Microsoft and VIA to work correctly and efficiently with Windows Operating systems that have Microsoft certified drivers installed. It has come to VIA's attention that there may be a conflict with another application (not part of the Microsoft Operating system). This is being investigated and the drivers will remain withdrawn until the incompatability is confirmed.

The difference between the 4.49 and 4.50 drivers was an updated inf file that contained IDs for chipsets that have not been released yet. So there is no reason why anyone needs to update the Hyperion drivers from 4.49 to 4.50. '

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